Ok. Imagine you have the chance to go away for a long weekend. You haven’t been away in 2 years! You imagine packing your bags, but your pup is looking at you like “what about me?” Uh oh. Well, if you have a regular pet care facility—one that your pup loves—everyone is happy. A quick call and your pup to ensure they have room and you have peace of mind. But what if you haven’t found a great place for your pup yet? Who do you call? Do a quick Google search? How will you know if they’ll take good care of your furbaby? Will he like it there? And where are your vaccine records?

Who you trust to care for your dog when you go out of town or need any other services such as grooming, training, daycare is a very critical decision. If you’re like most people, you have a regular veterinarian, personal doctor, and dentist. You can count on them to have your records and get you in when you need to be seen. The same goes for your dog’s pet care team.

Here are 3 things to know when looking for pet services:

Booking a room for Fido? Not so fast.

As an established customer, scheduling a service is easy. Without that relationship, finding a facility last-minute when your pet needs grooming, lodging, daycare or training can result in no available space (especially on or near holidays). Top recommended pet care facilities such as Wiggles Pet Resort in Mahopac, NY will book up months ahead of holidays, school breaks and summer. Find the facility that’s a great match before you need services.

Ruff around the edges

If you have a pet with a challenging personality, you’ll have difficulty finding a facility who’ll admit them. The best facilities, like Wiggles Pet Resort, offer a “meet-and-greet” for some pets who may need extra TLS. This exercise not only gives the pet parents and pet a chance to see the facility and meet the staff, but it also gives the staff the opportunity to see how the pet will interact with other guests and surroundings.

Some dogs are nervous in new surroundings. They deserve the opportunity to interact and then learn to enjoy a new home away from home. Most dogs do great after this meet and greet. Call today to talk to the Wiggles team.

Are your pet’s health records in order?

Quality pet care facilities require vaccine records. When you have an existing client file, the facility will alert you when vaccines are overdue. Establishing a regular facility will keep vaccine records, medication lists, health information and know your pet’s personality and behaviors, which are all essential for a happy visit for all.

Right now, Wiggles Pet Resort, Mahopac NY, is offering a free meet-and-greet for new guests. Spend some time getting to know us and we’re sure to make your dog wiggle! Call 845-628-0200 to schedule your first visit.