Dogs come into our lives with tons of love, potential and intelligence which has made them our partners for millennia. But they aren’t simply born the well-behaved family members we’d like them to be. Professional training demystifies the canine mind and shows both pet and pet parent how to communicate, live harmoniously, and make the most of your extremely special relationship.

The benefits of training at a top-quality dog resort like Wiggles Pet Resort can’t be overstated. Here are 3 major ways professional training benefits you and your furry family member.

  1. Safety is everything. Proper training is key when it comes to how safely your dog can interact with the world. Your ability to reliably recall your dog is the only thing standing between them and hostile dogs, traffic, wildlife, and countless other dangers. Good trainers practice impulse control and respect for leadership, which can prevent dogs from eagerly darting out doorways, out of the car, or after something in the yard. This level of control should be practiced both on- and off-leash. How many times has your pet yanked their leash clean out of your hand? Or wrapped it around you or themselves? Maybe taking the dog for a walk is more like your dog taking you for a pull. Countless customers come to us with a serious shoulder or wrist injury inadvertently caused by their rambunctious, untrained dog. Professional dog training often includes calm leash walking so you can safely take your dog anywhere without worry.
  2. Socialization opportunities. Training at a pet care facility like Wiggles Pet Resort often includes an element of socialization—a critical part of every dog’s training. Socialization is especially important during puppyhood, but it’s beneficial for dogs of all ages. The pandemic interrupted healthy introductions to other pups and people. Interaction with other dogs in a safe, controlled environment like a pet resort gives dogs the chance to satisfy their inherent social nature and discover which behaviors are acceptable and which aren’t. Training your dog at home often lacks this important experience, while bringing dogs to play at the dog park to exercise their social skills comes with its own set of risks. When training at a pet resort, the other dogs have been screened for social compatibility, have all their vaccinations, and socialize only under the attentive eyes of the trainer and other resort staff. Dogs without socialization training often experience more fear, anxiety, and even aggression toward other dogs and humans.
  3. A peaceful home. Manners training is a fundamental part of any good professional training program, and often the key to a pet parent’s best relationship with their pet. Jumping on you and your guests, rushing out the door, barking nonstop, destroying belongings or furniture, and counter surfing are all products of untrained manners. Improving these behaviors reduces frustration and leads to a more fulfilling relationship with your pet. Professional trainers have dealt with most habits before, and chances are they have a strategy to overcome the challenges you and your pet may have.

At Wiggles Pet Resort, we specialize in both obedience and manners training for dogs of all ages. Our Stay & Train programs are highly effective in bringing the best out of your pet while providing the background information and resources you and your pup need to succeed. Click here to learn more about our proven dog training.

One of our amazing customers said it best:

“…What I most appreciated is after Hazel came home she was much more relaxed, happy, and wanting to do her best to figure things out and find her place in the family. She is now listening better, more responsive, positive, happy, and willing to learn. There was a distinct difference, and I can’t thank you enough for the attitude and positivity. After experiencing 4 local trainers working with her, your style and attitude was the best match. Thanks again and I look forward to the next months for her development, my peace of mind, and general life quality for both of us…” -Tatiana