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A World of Fun Built for Dogs

Playtime is about to get a whole lot bigger and better! Dog daycare at Wiggles Pet Resort has arrived!

Wiggles Pet Resort is redefining dog daycare! Our brand new, state-of-the-art daycare areas are like an amusement park just for dogs. Acres of play space, lots of new friends, and total supervision from pet professionals await. If you’re busy at work, renovating the kitchen, or out on the town, there’s no better place for your pet to play and have fun than dog daycare at Wiggles!

The perfect dog’s day out starts at only $29.95 per day!

Experience the Best in Canine Fun!

group of dogs running through grass

Fully fenced and supervised, our indoor and outdoor dog daycare park offers abundant space for dogs to have fun and live large. We offer multiple play options to suit every canine personality! Here’s what dogs and their parents can expect from daycare at Wiggles:

  • Two acres of outdoor play yards with premium turf designed to keep paws clean and comfortable
  • A brand-new enclosed daycare pavilion, climate-controlled and filled with special K9 Grass®
  • 100% supervision by highly skilled professionals with training in group play, dog safety, and canine body language
  • Regular rest periods in a luxurious suite with temperature control and soft bedding

Daycare Play Options

Each dog is unique—even dogs from the same litter. Wiggles Pet Resort offers multiple play options so every dog has a fun, enriching place to spend the day.

Social Play. Many dogs love running and romping with their fellow pups, and Wiggles is the perfect place to run with the “pack.” We’ll identify the best playmates for your dog based on their size, energy level, and personality. They’ll make new friends, exercise their social skills, and satisfy their natural desire for canine companionship in a safe and supervised setting.

Personal Play. Some dogs prefer playing with human friends over furry ones, and we’re happy to oblige. Our personal play program is perfect for them. One-on-one playtimes with staff make the most of your dog’s day doing whatever they love, whether it’s running around, playing a game, or enjoying all the belly rubs they can handle!

Enhanced Daycare. For dogs who need a little extra activity and brain exercise, Enhanced Daycare takes daycare to the next level! This special program includes even more playtime, structured games, and seasonal fun. We’ve had themed photo days, bubble parties, birthday events, holiday fun, and much more! Give us a call to find out what’s next on our Enhanced Daycare calendar.

Portrait of two happy dogs in the park

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Two dogs playing in a pool at Good Mojo Dog Manor

Doggie daycare is a special place designed just for dogs to keep their minds and bodies busy in a safe place. While it’s incredibly fun and stimulating, daycare also offers special benefits that enrich your dog’s life (and yours)!

Healthy Body. Many pet parents today don’t have enough time to ensure their pet gets enough exercise every day. At our doggie daycare, you’ll know your pet’s will run and play (and have tons of fun), all while you’re at work or running errands. By the end of the day you’ll have a tuckered-out and satisfied dog ready for relaxing downtime with the family.

Healthy Mind. Just like humans, dogs can get bored when they have little to do. This can present challenging behaviors like barking or howling, chewing your belongings, or digging up the yard. Dog daycare gives pets a place to safely channel their energy in healthy, constructive ways.

Socialization. Many dogs are naturally social and instinctually want to play with other dogs. Dog daycare is the safest and most structured place for dogs to make friends with other friendly pups. Plus, dogs need to interact with other dogs to learn good doggie social skills, which can improve your pet’s confidence and sense of self.

Safer Than Other Options. Today’s pet parents have more options for pet care than ever, but dog daycare is the safest option available. Our daycare is specifically designed for dogs to play and have fun together under the supervision of highly trained professionals in a secure setting. We have invested in new ventilation systems, buildings and K9Grass®. All dogs in our daycare are fully vaccinated and screened for social compatibility. Plus, it’s outside of your house—so no need to worry about strangers in your home.

We love to celebrate in Wiggles daycare – Birthdays, holidays and just super-fun days!

Between bacon- flavored bubble parties, bobbing for apples on Halloween, ball pits and splash pools for dog days of summer, it’s always a great time here! Call us today to reserve your pup’s spot!

Free Welcome Day of Play for New Daycare Clients

We can’t wait for you to join the fun. Try us for FREE!

Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with other offers.
Daycare discount applies to first-time customers only.