Professional, Positive Dog Training in Mahopac, NY

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Excellence in Canine Training with Proven Results

At Wiggles Pet Resort’s, our team of professional dog trainers uses proven and positive techniques to help your dog reach their greatest potential. Our veterinarian-recommended ​dog training programs are designed to produce the results you want, no matter your dog’s breed or age. Whether your pup needs a brush-up on manners, obedience training, or help overcoming challenging behaviors, we’ll help you reach your dog training goals.

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Customized Dog Training Solutions

dog training mahopac ny

Stay & Train: Dog Training Camp Near Hudson Valley, NY

Our popular board and train program, Stay & Train, is like a sleepover/dog boot camp— their days are spent playing and having fun with engaging educational sessions in between playtimes. This program provides a uniquely immersive training environment that helps dogs focus while having a good time, leading to better retention. Every Stay & Train package includes:

  • An all-inclusive boarding stay at our resort including a luxury doggie suite
  • Daily play sessions with the group or one-on-one with a caregiver
  • Multiple training lessons every day based on your dog’s training plan
  • Take-home training resources and exercises
  • Departure lessons with you to demonstrate your pet’s new skills and instruction on how to maintain them at home
  • Ongoing phone support beyond the end of the program to help you continue to improve upon your pet’s new skills

“It is a pleasure bringing my two sweet dogs Bella and Johnnie to Wiggles for your care. Whether it’s daily Daycare and play, or Boarding for a week, I never worry, even baths, nails, and Grooming are well done. Having Bella in your Stay and Train program for 2 weeks was a great idea, and very successful for her…As for your staff, everyone is so kind and caring, and seem to work very well together, also knowing what’s happening at all times, very efficient and professional. Your facility itself seems very clean and organized also.”

A Happy Client

Play & Train

Play & Train at Wiggles Pet Resort combines dog daycare with a unique training experience. While your pup plays at our daycare, they’ll receive one-on-one training lessons with a team member in between playtimes. This program includes:

  • Dog daycare with our playgroups or one-on-one with a caregiver
  • Multiple daily training sessions customized for your pet
  • Rest periods in a comfy, climate-controlled suite
  • Plenty of fresh water and loving attention
dog training mahopac ny

“I signed up my mixed breed dog for a 15 day board and train. The facility is beautiful, clean and organized. The staff are exceptional. Thank you, Pom is a changed dog. I reinforce your lessons every day, you gave my girl a solid foundation. Thanks to all for the daily report card and videos to help me get through without my constant companion.”

A Happy Client

Our Philosophy On Dog Obedience Training

dog training mahopac ny

​Dogs’ loyalty and desire to learn are amazing. But they aren’t born with all the skills they need to be great family members. Just like humans, dogs need to be taught what they should and shouldn’t do. Our doggy training programs are designed to teach the essential obedience skills and house manners that make the best family companion. 

Our dog obedience trainers near you conisder your dog’s breed, age, and prior training, starting with a Free Training Evaluation to personalize a training path that suits your needs. 

  • Do you feel lucky if your dog comes on the fifth call?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re the one being walked (or dragged)?
  • Have you ever had to apologize to guests when your dog jumps on them?

The positive and proven training programs at Wiggles Pet Resort were created for families like yours!

“What I most appreciated is after Hazel came home she was much more relaxed, happy, and wanting to do her best to figure things out and find her place in the family. She is now listening better, more responsive, positive, happy, and willing to learn. There was a distinct difference, and I can’t thank you enough for the attitude and positivity. After experiencing 4 local trainers working with her, your style and attitude was the best match. Thanks again and I look forward to the next months for her development, my peace of mind, and general life quality for both of us.”


Does your Doodle Need Professional Puppy Training?

Specializing in doodle training, we tailor our dog lessons to fit the specific traits of doodle breeds. Whether you own a Goldendoodle, Labrodoodle, or any other doodle mix, our local puppy training experts are here to assist. 

Doodles have skyrocketed in popularity due to their lovable nature, high intelligence, and eagerness to please. We’d know–our two owners (mother and grown son with his own family) have four doodles of their own! But while these pups make perfect family companions, they can sometimes be too energetic, rambunctious, and yes…even stubborn. For each customized doggie training program, we take your doodle’s parent breeds and unique personality into consideration. 

Doodles Playing

Professional Puppy Training Programs

Puppy Sitting

Congratulations on your new furry loved one! In our puppy training programs, your youngster will learn essential obedience and manners training designed for their developmental needs. Each puppy training program includes a balanced mix of play and focused learning– fully customized for your pet. We’ll practice critical obedience training cues, proper house manners, and good social skills to help your puppy start off right. Call us today to learn more and book your FREE Training Evaluation. The best puppy camp near you includes: 

  • Introduction to core puppy obedience cues such as sit, down, place, and come
  • Manners training: leash walking, polite greetings, doorway etiquette
  • Supervised social play with other puppies
  • Lots of personal attention and interaction
  • Ideal mix of learning, play, and rest
  • Team of obedience training professionals
  • Post-program resources and phone/email support

School’s Out So Send Your Dog to Camp! Training Programs up to $200 off for July! Plus FREE Training Evaluation ($95 value)

Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with other offers. Training discount applies to first-time customers only.

Free Puppy socialization

One of the most beneficial things pet parents can do for their puppy is begin socialization early. Wiggles Pet resort offers puppy socialization for no charge so your youngster can play, explore, and learn in a program designed for their formative age. 

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