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*Because safety is our number one priority, pet parents must schedule Puppy Socialization for their puppy prior to attending.

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Puppy Socialization at Wiggles is a special learning opportunity for young pups at their most formative age! In our safe and supervised environment, your youngster will exercise their budding social skills with other pups and new humans as well as encounter new experiences and lots of playtime.  Starting socialization early is key to your puppy’s development into their best self!

“We brought our 4-month-old puppy to Wiggles for the Puppy Socialization and it was a wonderful experience! Everyone is so friendly and so good with the pups. We had a tour of the facility and it’s beautiful. I can see why the pups love it so much and look forward to bringing Onyx back for more socializing!”

Violet, Phillipstown, NY

What is Puppy Socialization?

Socialization is key to every puppy’s development, so we’ve created a FREE program to get your pup started. Our puppy socialization was designed to meet the learning, play, and rest needs of young puppies. Here’s what your puppy can expect:

  • Social playtime with other puppies under professional supervision
  • Lots of love and hands-on interaction from our trained caregivers
  • Familiarization with the sights, sounds, and smells of a pet resort
  • Lots of safe toys and games
  • Fresh, cool water provided
  • Plenty of opportunities for potty breaks
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I am so impressed with Wiggles. My puppy went to puppy socialization on Saturday. It is so important to me that my 4 month old puppy is socialized and exposed to other puppies. I would not have been able to provide this experience for my puppy, not to mention in a controlled environment! It is so generous of Wiggles to offer puppies this experience to learn and grow at no cost to the puppy parents! The staff is so kind and the whole experience was wonderful! In today’s world I rarely have the awesome experience that Wiggles provides!

Colleen K.

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Why is Puppy socialization important?

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Starting socialization early is one of the most beneficial steps a pet parent can do for their puppy. Here’s why:

  • Develops social skills and manners. Socializing with other puppies at an early age is critical to establishing good social behaviors. We give pups a safe, comfortable place to make new friends and learn appropriate play habits.
  • Exposure to new experiences. We’ll introduce your puppy to new sights, sounds, smells, and settings in a comfortable and constructive way. Experiencing new sensations as a puppy paves the way for a more confident, social adult dog.
  • Exercise and mental stimulation. Puppies are known for their energy and curiosity! Our Puppy Socialization program engages your youngster’s body and mind with playtime and interaction.
“I’ve never felt more comfortable leaving my dog somewhere. The place is beautiful and clean, and the staff at Wiggles is thorough, passionate, and kind — you can really tell how much they love every dog that walks through their doors. I’ll definitely be boarding my dog at Wiggles again.”
Andrew G.

Safety is our priority

Above all, our puppy socialization is designed for maximum safety and wellness. Here’s how we’ve created such a safe environment for pets.

  • Regular rest periods in a luxurious, climate-controlled suite keep our guests recharged and ready for more play.
  • Our play yards are outfitted with pet-specific turf including K9Grass® for cleaner paws with softer impact on joints.
  • Each member of our staff is meticulously trained in group play safety and canine body language.
  • Dogs are supervised by highly trained professionals at all times.
  • Groups are carefully selected based on size, energy level, and personality.
  • We maintain the lowest possible dogs-to-staff ratio for the safest possible experience.
  • All new group play dogs are evaluated for their comfort level in the social play environment.
  • Advanced air filtration system made specifically for dogs.
  • Our facility is cleaned every day with veterinary-grade cleansers.

Puppy socialization FAQ

What Vaccinations does my puppy need? 

Rabies vaccine is required. In addition, we require proof of age-appropriate vaccinations recommended by your pet’s veterinarian.

What is the age requirement?

This program is designed to benefit young puppies between four and twelve months (depending on the breed of your pup). Once a pup is socialized, they may make a great addition to our daycare pack!

Are reservations required?

Yes, we require reservations for two reasons. First is to ensure each puppy is properly vaccinated. Second is because each Puppy Socialization session is kept small to ensure a comfortable group size with lots of personal attention for each pup. Please register in advance by calling (845) 628-0200.

Who supervises my puppy?

Puppy Socialization is run by pet care professionals specifically trained to care for young puppies. Each session is supervised by well-trained, pet loving staff members.

Can I stay for the session?

Puppies tend to behave differently when their moms and dads are present. So, this special socialization is for puppies only. Once you drop off your pup, go grab a cup of coffee. When you come to pick them up, we’ll let you know everything they enjoyed and who they made friends with!

When is Puppy Socialization? 

Puppy Socialization takes place most Saturdays from noon to 1PM. It books up quickly so call as soon as possible to register.

Can you train my puppy? 

Absolutely! We have wonderful training programs to help your puppy be the best dog possible. Call us today for more information.

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Call Today to Register Your Puppy!

We can’t wait for you to join the fun. Try us for FREE!

*Because safety is our number one priority, pet parents must schedule Puppy Socialization for their puppy prior to attending.